Saturday, January 19, 2008

Talk It Over episode 18

Join us won't you for Talk it Over 18 where we grapple with such weighty issues as "Public Bathroom Sex: Why Does the ACLU Think it's Private," "Steroid Testing High School Athletes," "Pissed Off Clowns," and more fun stuff. Come on in, it's just talk!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Talk It Over episode 17

Talk it Over 17 is talking about: French President, Nicolas Sarkozy and his girlfriend. Just two months after divorcing his second wife, is he too busy running around to run a country? Plus, more O.J. drama, Marital spats, Workplace Dilemas and the eternal Kid vs. Parent Video Game Time Struggle. We're ready to talk it over!

Spotted: A President who spends more time on vacation than ours!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Talk It Over episode 16

Talk It Over episode 16

No dispute is safe. Talk it Over tackles #16, Brittany's tantrum, helps Texas appologize to a man inprisoned 27 years for a rape he didn't commit, begs to mediate the Writers' Guild Strike, and talks it over with Mary who won't let her kids drive with a drunk Dad and Kate, who's "friend" is married to a man who pays more attention to the TV in the bedroom than he does to her. Pay attention to this episode of Talk it Over. You can do that and do it at the same time.

Talk It Over Team called in as Britney proves too much fr Dr. Phil


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