Sunday, December 27, 2009

Talk It Over episode 99

On this scintillating episode, we explore: The new trend in break ups: Do real dump via Facebook? boss/employee relationships: What to do when personal issues leak into the work space? How to handle a friend who is dating a creep, Weezy's intriguing encounter with her famous neighbor, Diane's scoop on Women's Only bathrooms on a Japanese Airlines and Lee Jay weighs in on the controversial battle between the Jewish Mom and the Catholic Dad over how to raise their child.

Harsh. Couldn't she have handled this more privately... via text?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Talk It Over episode 98

We're talking about the stuff that matters. topics include: Mom wars at school, the sister-in-law who takes without giving, Siblings battling over caring for parents, The war over whales in captivity. Plus Weezy's gut wrenching movie theater etiquette dilema.

Please refrain from talking, turn off your cell phones and don't ask the people in front of you to move.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Talk It Over episode 97

On Talk it Over, we are talking about Jay vs. Conan vs. NBC. How to resolve a loose/loose situation. Plus what to do when severe allergies disrupt family fun, a stand off between the mom and the new boyfriend, a step mother who is having trouble blending, the grandfather who has had it with his selfish granddaughter, the husband who hates his wife's pushy friends and a personal conflict from Diane. Join us.

Conan takes matters into his own hand.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Talk It Over episode 96

Here's what we're talking about: Can your insurance company stop payments over what they see about you on Facebook? Canadian Parliament members and their tweet wars, the group of friends who were arrested for not tipping, the buddy who will steal the food right off your plate, the brother who drinks too much, A father who is trying give his daughter dating advice, and the twin sisters who are not Facebook friends, but why?

Be careful what you put on Facebook. Abe's status could get him shot.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Talk It Over episode 94

Here's what's up for discussion: The co-worker who won't take constructive input. How do you handle your friend's noisy two-year-old? What do you do when your husband's boss hits on you? Plus, we're debating the cab driver who told the gay couple in his back seat to get a room and the alleged hostile work environment backstage at Letterman.

When two-year-olds attack


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