Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Talk It Over"

Talk It Over with Diane, Lee Jay and Weezy. Why?

Hear our Demo

Because Diane Dimond is a respected and compelling journalist, reporter and host, winning acclaim and awards for her groundbreaking work on Court TV, Hard Copy, Extra, MSNBC, Nancy Grace, CNBC, Fox News and The Today Show.

Lee Jay Berman is Founder and President of The Mediation Alliance, Inc. and The Institute for Mediation Studies and has successfully mediated over 1200 litigated matters utilizing a highly specialized, intuitive style and years of experience in teaching the arts of Mediation, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking all over the world.

Louise Palanker is an accomplished writer/producer/performer in the arenas of radio, television, and stand-up comedy and a co-founder of the nation’s largest radio syndication company, Premiere Radio Networks.

Together, they are ready to Talk It Over. Diane, Lee Jay and Weezy are talking about people, relationships, conflict, disputes, the law, resolution, problem solving, and everything that makes us love, makes us hate, makes us angry, makes us understand and makes us human.

Listen, as they Talk It Over.


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