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Louise Palanker

Louise Palanker is a writer/producer/performer/author in the
arenas of radio, television, stand-up comedy, documentary film
making and middle grade fiction.

Louise is the Award Winning author of Journals: Middle School Love and War. This title has been developed into an App (iPhone, iTouch, iPad) which, in addition to the book, includes a personal diary and an Ask the Author feature where kids can write in with questions about growing up.

Louise’s goal is for the book to foster communication between kids and their parents about the tough stuff of growing up: boys, girls, dating, love, romance, sex, friends, bullies, and complicated things like life.

Within the app, Louise has been answering questions from kids, the world over, on these very topics.

The letters pour in daily and thousands of questions and answers can be read inside the app.

Journals: Out Loud, an extension of that work, is Louise’s third acclaimed podcast. Previous shows, include Weezy & The Swish and Talk it Over.

Journals: Out Loud, The Podcast brings this dialogue to a whole new level. Louise, together, with a team of teen panelists, give listeners the opportunity to learn what kids are thinking and wondering while encouraging them to join in the conversation.

Louise is currently directing and producing a documentary about the

famed 60s family pop band, The Cowsills who were the real-life
inspiration behind The Partridge Family. Her first documentary film
effort, “We Played Marbles: Remembering a Stolen Childhood” explores the lives of Holocaust Survivors. This film premiered at the Santa Barbara Film festival in 2007.

As a co-founder and the creative director of Premiere Radio Networks, the nation’s largest radio syndicator, Louise wrote, produced and/or performed in over 30 radio programs and services while overseeing a department of talented writers, producers, and performers. The company was founded in 1986 by Louise and three partners and was sold to Clear Channel in 2000.

Prior to founding Premiere Radio, Louise was a writer and segment
producer for PM Magazine and then spent three years as the head writer for Rick Dees and The Weekly Top 40.”

After leaving Premiere in 2000, Louise launched a charitable

foundation dedicated to benefiting children’s causes. She combined her teaching degree with her love of comedy and began The
Kids Comedy Club, a stand-up comedy program for children, at Los
Angeles area Boys & Girls’ Clubs and The Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara where kids learn to write and perform stand up and Improv comedy. Through this program, Louise has been teaching and mentoring children for over ten years.

Louise was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and since 1980 has lived in Los Angeles, CA.

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